Podcasting Case Studies

The Acquired podcast's origin story

I describe it like "Hardcore History but for great businesses.” The hosts (David Rosenthal and Ben Gilbert) have 2x thei

Aisha Zaza fitness podcast, podcaster with mic

Top fitness podcast climbs the charts

Learn how fitness blogger Aisha Zaza grew her podcast to over 1 million downloads and propelled her show to the top of A

Kaleigh Moore podcast

A podcast for freelance writers

What is the best hosting site for podcasts? Some beginner podcasters choose free hosting, but Kaleigh Moore and Emma Sie

Church podcast hosting

Starting a podcast for your church is easy with Transistor. You'll have the ability to publish multiple series (sermons,

Education podcasts

There are a variety of podcasts in the education field hosted on Transistor. This includes language courses, teacher tra

Ali Abdaal's podcast: Deep Dive

Youtube influencer Ali Abdaal decided to use Transistor for his new podcast: Deep Dive. Here's how he planned his launch

Julian Shapiro & Courtland Allen's podcast: Brains

Most podcasts are dry interviews, Julian and Courtland do things differently on the Brains podcast. They host lively din

The NHL's Vegas Golden Knights podcast

The official podcast of the Vegas Golden Knights is Sheriff, Lawless and Some Guy Named Dave. It's a well-produced hocke

The Indie Hackers podcast

Courtland Allen interviews startup founders on every podcast episode: "Raw conversations with the founders behind profit

The U.S. Dept of Veteran Affairs

Veteran Affairs was looking for podcast hosting based in the United States. Their show focuses on "coverage of health ca

Podia's podcast for creators

The Podia team is doing their podcast right: they hired an experienced producer, who helped them craft a show that break

Fathom Analytics: Paul Jarvis and Jack Ellis

Jack Ellis and Paul Jarvis are the founders of Fathom Analytics. Paul's recent book, Company of One, was voted one of th

State of Wisconsin: Dept of Natural Resources

The State of Wisconsin wanted to produce a podcast focused on the outdoors. It doesn’t matter if you live to hunt and fi

Taylor Otwell's Laravel podcast

Laravel is one of the most popular programming frameworks in the world. Its creator, Taylor, does a regular podcast wher

Conni Biesalski's podcast

Conni's podcast focuses on doing work that matters. She explores how listeners can create a meaningful life, through sol

Kickstarter's games podcast

This is a lighthearted interview show brought to you by the Kickstarter Games Team: Anya, Luke, and Trin. In each episod

Upside: Jay Clouse and Eric Hornung

Named a top 27 business podcast by Fortune Magazine, upside examines startup investing outside of Silicon Valley.