Invite team members to your podcast

You can add team members to your podcast on Transistor. Each podcast has its own group of users who can add episodes, upload audio, and view stats for that show.

Each podcast you host on Transistor can have its own team of users. 

There are three types of users on Transistor:

  1. Each paying account has one Owner. They control the billing and subscription settings, credit card information, and can cancel an account.

  2. Admins can edit show settings, manage episodes, view analytics, and manage team members. You can have multiples of these on each podcast!

  3. Members can add or edit episodes, and view analytics, but are not allowed to delete episodes or manage team members. Send an invite and they'll receive an email to set their own account password. Again, you can have multiple members on each podcast you host.

This means you can invite additional members to collaborate on your show. 

With Transistor you can create multiple podcasts, and invite individual users to work on each show.

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