Host multiple podcasts on one account

Transistor allows you to create, import, and host unlimited podcasts on your account, for one monthly price.

Switch to Transistor and save money

Most hosting companies charge you a lot of money for hosting more than one podcast.

Provider Multiple podcasts Five podcasts Ten podcasts Edit $19/month $19/month Details
Simplecast ✔️ $75/month $150/month Details
Buzzsprout ✔️ $90/month $180/month Details
Podbean ✔️ $70/month $140/month Details
Libsyn ✔️ $75/month $150/month Details

When you switch to Transistor, you can host multiple podcasts and pay only one monthly price.

Every time you create a new podcast on Transistor you'll get:

  • A unique RSS feed

  • Advanced analytics

  • A basic webpage for your podcast

  • The ability to invite other admins to manage that show

What can you do with multiple podcasts?

Podcasters who host multiple shows can experiment and try out different formats:

  1. Making more shows is one of the best ways to increase the number of listeners you get each month.

  2. Having multiple shows allows you to test out new concepts, and choose the podcast theme (or format) that resonates the most.

  3. Create multiple formats for different listeners! Some folks like 2-hours interviews, others like 30-minute commuter shows, and most folks will check out a 5-minute highlight episode.

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