Public podcast analytics

How do our podcast stats compare to other users?

While we can’t share all of our users’ podcast numbers, we can share our company’s podcast’s stats. Jon and I do a show together called “Build your SaaS.” Here are our numbers.

Top-level analytics

Top-level podcast stats

We’re estimating that we have 1,534 folks subscribed to the show.

Our most popular podcast listening apps

Update:Β Here’s the breakdown of devices that folks use to listen to our show:

  • 22% of listens are on Overcast
  • 21% on Pocket Casts
  • 16% on Apple Podcasts
  • 12% from the web player
  • 8% Android devices
  • 5% iTunes desktop
  • 4% Apple Watch
  • 2% Breaker
  • 1% Spotify

Apple Podcasts’ analytics

Apple Podcast Connect analytics overview

Apple’s currently tracking about 489 devices.

What percentage of each podcast episode are people listening to?

What percentage of each podcast episode are people listening to?

A few observations:

  • Our audience doesn’t care much about the podcast industry 😜 (EP 35 has 56%, EP38 has 59%)
  • Tactical shows seem to do better (EP41 Marketing tactics for your SaaS)
  • Episodes that are shorter than an hour do better (30 – 45 mins seems to be our sweet spot)
  • Folks seem to like the episodes where Jon and I are openly sharing about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, what we’re struggling with, etc…

Spotify’s podcast analytics

We don’t have many listeners on Spotify, but here’s an overview.

Spotify podcast analytics overview

We’ve had a slight increase in listeners:

Number of podcast listeners on Spotify

(The spike is from this experiment)

Our gender stats are definitely tilted towards male listeners. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Gender distribution of podcast listeners on Spotify

Here’s the age distribution (lots of millennials; maybe more of a reflection of Spotify’s userbase?)

Gender distribution of Spotify podcast listeners

Podtrac analytics

Inside of Transistor, we also allow folks to connect their Podtrac account.

Overview of Podtrac's podcast analytics

Podtrac’s numbers are slightly lower than Transistor’s number (but this difference disappears over time).

January 2019 EpisodesTransistorPodtracDifferenceDifference %
How to grow your audience1800152927116.3%
Should startups worry about their competition?214320221215.8%
Marketing tactics for your SaaS: how to get the word out22972284130.6%
Our predictions for 20192280227550.2%

Here’s what the device breakdown looks like on Podtrac:

Podtrac podcast analytics for podcast players

And finally, here’s Podtrac’s geographic breakdown of our podcast downloads:

Podcast downloads by country

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