AI Transcription

AI Transcription

Transistor uses AI to generate incredibly accurate transcripts for your podcast episodes.

Now, you can transcribe your podcast episodes without leaving your Transistor dashboard. Introducing our newest feature: AI speech-to-text transcription.

Get the most out of your podcast by automatically converting your audio into engaging, searchable, and accessible text. Transistor transforms your spoken words into accurate, readable text in just minutes. Easily make changes to your transcript and assign speakers using Transistor's transcript editor.

Streamline your podcasting workflow

No more tedious hours spent transcribing: Transistor's automated transcription feature does the busy work for you. Focus on crafting exceptional content while we handle the transcription process swiftly and accurately.

Fast, accurate transcription
Powered by AI, our transcription tool ensures remarkable accuracy.
Easily make changes
Use Transistor's simple transcript editing interface to make quick tweaks.
Export to multiple formats
Download your transcripts as plain text, SRT, VTT, JSON, and HTML files.

Automatic speaker detection

Speakers are automatically detected. When you update a speaker's name, Transistor updates the rest of the transcript for you.

Timestamps linked to audio

Listeners can browse episode transcripts on your website to find the exact timestamp for key moments. They can then share that timestamped URL with others.

How AI Transcription Works

Watch this demo to see how we're using artificial intelligence to generate text from audio...

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we often get asked about podcast transcription.

AI transcription leverages machine learning algorithms and natural language processing technologies to convert spoken language (audio) into written text.

You may have used speech-to-text that leverages a similar technology when you've uploaded a video to YouTube or Facebook, and it's automatically generated captions. Google Docs also has a similar speech-to-text feature.

AI transcription is significantly cheaper than getting human to manually transcribe text, however it's not 100% accurate. You will need to go over the text that's generated, and manually fix errors in the editor.

Transcripts are no longer just a nice-to-have feature; they're a must-have for any serious podcaster. With Transistor's support and new AI transcription feature, adding transcripts to your podcast episodes has never been easier.

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