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November 26th, 2021

Mid-rolls now available with Dynamic Audio Insertion in podcast episodes

Now, our Dynamic Audio Insertion tool can automatically insert mid-roll content in your podcast episodes. This means you can insert an audio ad, or announcement, at the beginning, middle, or end of every episode in your feed.

(Dynamic Audio Insertion is available now, in beta, for all Professional and Business plans).

To set where you'd like midroll ads to appear in each episode, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your "Episodes" tab

  2. Click on an episode to edit it

  3. Click "Ad Locations" in the top navigation

  4. Listen to your episode and find the spot(s) where you'd like your mid-rolls to appear

  5. Click the "+" icon to add the desired timestamp

Learn more about Dynamic Audio Insertion here.

If you're on the Starter plan and would like to use this feature, you can upgrade here.