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Transistor Team

2 min

When Kaleigh Moore and Emma Siemasko decided to start the Freelance Writing Coach podcast, they were overwhelmed by all of the different options for podcast hosting and distribution.

"Recording the episodes was no problem; we had tons of things to talk about," Kaleigh says. The challenge was figuring out how to get the podcast distributed to different listening platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc. After doing their research, and feeling overwhelmed, they were wondering: "will we need to hire somebody to help us with this?"

Then, they came across Transistor.fm. "We realized with Transistor, we could do hosting, distribution, and analytics all in one place; it made perfect sense."

One of the big things that stood out for them was the podcast reporting and data side of things:

As a podcast that has sponsors, we really needed a platform that would help us talk about our numbers, our listeners, our average episode downloads. Having this stats dashboard that's built right into Transistor was a huge benefit. It makes that super easy. We're able to keep track of everything across all listening platforms.

Every time they publish a new podcast episode, Emma and Kaleigh write a corresponding blog post with an embedded Transistor audio player. This gives their readers two options: they can listen or read the article.

Example of an embedded podcast audio player in a blog post

"Transistor has made the whole podcasting experience so simple. It really takes care of everything in one place. For two people who were new to podcasting, and had fear and intimidation going into it, Transistor was just a godsend."

If you're in the same boat, you're new to podcasting, or maybe you're just looking for a simpler, faster, more reliable alternative, you can try Transistor free, for 14 days.