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Here's what podcasters are saying about Transistor:

  • Cameron Stack
    Stacked Audio

    After testing out 20+ podcast hosting platforms and working with numerous clients setting up their hosting, Transistor.FM is the one I always recommend because of its unique features, accessibility and user interface.

  • Michele Hansen

    Transistor is a fantastic podcasting platform — it just works out of the box and includes lots of other useful things, like a professional-looking podcast website.

  • Andy Baldacci
    Andy Baldacci
    Pod Avenue

    After using Transistor for just a few minutes, I decided to leave Libsyn. I can say without a doubt, Transistor is the easiest to use podcast host on the market. On Libsyn you have to go through pages of confusing options to publish a single episode; Transistor is truly a breath of fresh air.

  • Rob Hardy
    Ungated Creative

    Transistor is the bee's knees: it's indie owned and operated, they let you host multiple podcasts/private podcasts for one price, and they have a nice simple design.

  • AJ Vens
    The Confused Breakfast

    Transistor is an amazing platform for hosting a podcast network. Great analytics, and most importantly, might be the best customer service you will find in the podcast hosting industry space.

  • Michael Koper

    I've been using Transistor for a month, and I'm impressed. By far the best podcast hosting out there! Super easy to use and has excellent customer support. It made launching my first podcast a lot easier!

  • Dan Schoonmaker

    Transistor is incredibly easy to use, is very reliable, and has the best customer service! After starting my free trial, I immediately fell in love with how easy to use their interface was. I also like that they integrate with Zapier.

  • Bret Fisher
    DevOps and Docker Talk

    We love and they never let us down; the team is awesome!

  • Lindsay Harris Friel
    The Podcast Host

    Transistor lets you have multiple RSS feeds, whether public or private, for one price. For the majority of independent podcasters, this could be your podcasts' forever home.

  • Gray MacKenzie

    I'm a big fan of recording with Riverside and then hosting on Transistor. Transistor has been amazing; you'll especially appreciate the UI, and it's very affordable.

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