Best podcast hosting platform in 2024

Awarded by Quill Podcasting

Justin Jackson

1 min

Transistor was selected as Best Podcast Hosting Platform by the 2024 Quill Podcast Awards.

Transistor is the Best Podcast Hosting Platform of 2024

“We are proud to honor these leaders and innovators who have not only excelled in their craft but have also made significant contributions to the growth of the podcasting industry,” says Fatima Zaidi, CEO and Founder of Quill commented to Sounds Profitable.

"We're delighted to have been selected in this category," says Transistor co-founder Justin Jackson, "I think it highlights our obsession with customer service and building a simple, high-quality product."

Podcasters switch to Transistor to get the following features:

Multiple podcasts hosted on Transistor also won Quill awards:

Additionally, Transistor is home to chart topping podcasts like Acquired, Ali Abdaal, and the Mindset Mile.

"Podcasters love that you can host multiple podcasts (for one price) on a single account," comments Justin, "many shows, like Acquired, have added additional shows and private member feeds."