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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's say you're on the 50,000 downloads per month plan. If we notice that you’re consistently going over your download limit we’ll reach out to you and get you to upgrade to the next level. There's no "automatic shut off;" we'll continue to serve audio for your listeners.

With Transistor, you have the flexibility to host an unlimited number of podcasts using a single account. Regardless of your subscription plan, you can create and manage multiple podcasts.

There are no restrictions on the number of episodes you can have within each podcast, and you won't encounter any storage limits. Each podcast you create on Transistor gets its own RSS feed, podcast website, and analytics page. Enjoy the freedom to explore and produce as many podcasts as you desire!

Yes! You retain ownership over all your content on Transistor.

In our terms, you are simply giving us permission to host and distribute your content. Aside from this permission, Transistor doesn't acquire any right, title, or interest in or to your content.

Furthermore, you can do whatever you'd like with your show: run your own ads, create a Patreon membership, and distribute it any way you'd like.

  1. Get a USB microphone (the ATR2100 or the Samson Q2U are both good).

  2. Connect your microphone to your computer, iPhone, Android, or tablet.

  3. Record your audio. You can use free software like Garage Band (Mac) or Audacity (PC).

  4. Export your recorded audio to MP3. For audio quality, choose 44100 Hz and 128 kb/s in your export settings.

  5. Log in to your Transistor hosting account.

  6. Upload the MP3 file you recorded, and then publish your episode.

  7. Now, your hosting provider will generate an RSS feed for your podcast.

  8. Submit your podcast's RSS feed to Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

  9. Every time you publish a new episode, listeners will automatically get it in their podcast player!

For more information, please read our guide: How to start a podcast.

We don't limit the number of episodes you can upload or the amount of total storage on Transistor. Individual audio files can be up to 1000MB, which in mp3 format is many hours of audio. Our pricing plans are based on the number of monthly downloads you get. You can also start as many separate podcasts as you'd like!