Over 20,000 podcasts are hosted on Transistor

Transistor Team

1 min

Our podcast hosting platform just hit a new milestone: we now have over 20,000 podcast feeds on Transistor.

Here are most statistics on Transistor, as of May 11, 2022.

How many podcasts are hosted on Transistor?

Currently, we have 20,199 shows on Transistor (including private podcasts).

Here's a selection of our current customers.

How many podcast episodes have been published on Transistor?

Right now, over 647,679 episodes have been published on our platform.

How many people work at Transistor?

We're a small, but mighty, team! We have four full-time people here:

  1. Jon Buda, Co-founder, Software Engineer

  2. Justin Jackson, Co-founder, Product & Marketing

  3. Helen Ryles, Customer Success

  4. Jason Pearl, Software Engineer

Our goal has always been to give our customers the best software and the best customer service in the podcast industry.

How many years has Transistor been around?

Jon and Justin started working on Transistor in February 2018 and officially launched the platform in August 2018.