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If you're researching podcast hosting options, and you're looking at alternatives to Podbean, here is a comparison with Transistor. Many podcasters are switching to Transistor to get unlimited podcasts on one account, better customer support, private podcasts, and affordable dynamic ad insertion.

★★ Avoid Podbean

"I was on Podbean for a little over a year. We had constant downtime, episodes not published on time, and their customer service was comparable to mid-2000s Comcast. I'd suggest avoiding them like the plague."

Reddit podcast hosting reviewer

Reddit review

★★★★★ Best podcast hosting I've used

"I've been podcasting for 15 years. I've literally never seen a better podcast hosting company than Transistor.fm. Their software works well, has no junk and helps you grow your audience. Plus they are really good at customer support."

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Why people switch to Transistor for podcast hosting

Most people switch to Transistor from Podbean for one of the following reasons:

Looking for a new podcast hosting platform?

Transistor is committed to taking care of podcasters by giving them more.

Switching your podcast to us is easy! There's a one-click import, and then all you have to do is forward your old RSS feed to your new Transistor RSS.

We also help new podcasters start a podcast. Contact us for more information!