What do Transistor's podcast stats look like?

Analytics for your podcast


On Transistor's "Analytics" page, we provide a variety of high-level stats:

  • Average downloads per episode: this shows how well your episodes are doing 7, 30, 60, and 90 days after being published. Often, potential advertisers especially want to see these numbers.

  • The number of people who subscribe to your podcast: subscriber counts are notoriously difficult to measure because podcasting is built on top of RSS (an open platform that doesn't track individuals). However, we give you an estimate based on the average of the first 24 hours of downloads of your last 3 episodes to calculate an estimated subscriber count. The graph is an estimated count over time.

  • Listener trends: see your download history over time. This allows you to view the number of listens by year, month, day, or in the last 24 hours.

Listener breakdown per episode

Want to sort your podcast's episodes by most popular? You can do that with our Episode Breakdown table:


You can also export this table as a CSV file, and open it in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers.

See which podcast apps people use to listen to your show

How is your audience is listening? Are they using Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts? You can see these trends over time in our Podcast Player chart:


You can select the apps you want to see on the chart and visualize where you're getting more listeners. 

This data is also available as a CSV file. For example, when we crunched our numbers in a spreadsheet we get total percentages that look like this:

  • Overcast: 22%

  • Apple Podcasts: 20%

  •  Pocket Casts: 15%

  • Web player: 10%

  • Breaker: 6%

  • iTunes: 6%

  • PodcastAddict: 3% 

  • Spotify: 3%

  • Google Podcasts: 2%

The podcast listener map

Transistor provides a map, so you can see which countries your listeners are from.


Even more helpful, you can see a list of what percentage of listeners live in each country.


In the USA, Canada, and Australia, you also get state/province breakdowns.

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