Promote your product using dynamic podcast ads

Run an ad campaign for your business on your podcast

Jason Zook

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Calling all podcasters! If you haven’t heard of (or used) dynamic ad insertion for your podcast, you’re missing out on an awesome promo opportunity for your own products.

First off, what is dynamic ad insertion?

It’s the ability to add your own pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll audio clip to your podcast library dynamically.

Pre-roll ad, mid-roll ad, post-roll ad

Using a podcast hosting provider, you assign an ad campaign to all your episodes or choose specific episodes where you want the ads inserted.

Insert ads in your podcast episodes automatically

Once the campaign is over, the promotion will be automatically removed from your podcast episode audio files.

Why is it awesome?

Let’s say you have a coaching program with bi-annual enrollment, but you podcast weekly year-round.

Before dynamic ad insertion, you would record short promotional messages in the 4-5 episodes right before your launch dates and edit them into the episode audio itself. The problem is that those promo messages are then out of date immediately and clutter up your podcast episodes.

With dynamic ad insertion, however, you create an “ad campaign” and upload the 1-2 minute promotional message separately. Then, you can dynamically place that message in front of (or in the middle of, or at the end of) EVERY EPISODE in your podcast catalog… automatically! (And, when the campaign window ends, you can remove the “ad” just as easily.)

What does this look like in practice?

We tried this for the first time during our recent Spring Enrollment period for WAIM Unlimited. The “ads” ran for only two weeks, but as you can see below, we accrued 2,857 total ad impressions across our ~200-episode library. That’s 2,000+ additional touch points where potential customers of our product hear us talk about our program!

The best part about dynamic ads is that you just schedule the dates you want them to run, and they turn on and off without you doing anything else! It’s like magic.

How do you get this feature? We switched to for our podcast hosting because their Professional plan includes dynamic ad insertion, which is $49/month.

Whether it’s a signature program you launch twice per year like us, or you have upcoming events you want to let your listeners know about, OR you just want to create ongoing ads that promote your different offers for a week or two at a time, dynamic ad insertion is a really awesome way to get more attention on what you sell by leveraging previous work you’ve put into your podcast!

Note: This is a guest article written Jason Zook of Wandering Aimfully where he and his partner Caroline serve creators, coaches, and client business owners. Listen to their podcast: Growing Steady.

Jason Zook