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November 14th, 2019

New version of private podcasts (internal team / membership)

Since 2018, Transistor has had a basic private podcast feature.

However, many of our Professional & Business users were looking for more control. They wanted a way to upload a list of contacts (employees, team members, stakeholders) and have each person receive an individualized private podcast feed.

This way, if someone leaves the organization, you can remove their access to the private podcast.

Introducing: Enhanced Private Podcasts.

Here's a video that shows how it works:

Our new version of private podcadsts will allow you to:

  • Add subscribers individually to your private podcast.

  • Send each subscriber an individual private podcast feed.

  • Remove subscribers from your private podcast.

  • See analytics on which private subscribers are activated and listening.

  • Embed your private podcast in your internal Wiki or employee area.

To use the new Enhanced Private Podcast feature, you'll need to be on one of these plans:

  • Our $49/month plan will give you 200 private subscribers.

  • Our $99/month plan will give you 500 private subscribers.

  • Need more subscribers? We'll be adding enterprise support shortly.

Already on the Pro or Business plan? Email us, and we'll add this feature to your account!