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Switched from Libsyn to Transistor

"After using Transistor for just a few minutes, I decided to leave Libsyn. I can say without a doubt, Transistor is the easiest to use podcast host on the market. On Libsyn you have to go through pages of confusing options to publish a single episode; Transistor is truly a breath of fresh air."

Avatar of Andy Baldacci

Andy Baldacci
Pod Avenue

"Easy to use"

I just launched my first podcast, and I have to say that Transistor made the publishing process easier than I ever imagined. Great work on a solid platform.

Avatar of Abhijat Saraswat

Abhijat Saraswat
Fringe Legal

"We tried everything and chose Transistor"

We tried just about every option out there in the podcast hosting space: free options like SoundCloud, as well as paid hosts.

We were never happy with any of them. It felt like we were always struggling to re-order episodes, update audio files, schedule publishing dates, etc.

What initially drew us to Transistor was their podcast ("Build your SaaS"). It was clear they truly wanted to help businesses build podcasts. They weren't the cheapest option, but their focus and passion for this space made them stand out.

Now, we're using a podcast host we love, and we feel like we know the people behind it.

Avatar of Alex Bass

Alex Bass

"Incredibly user-friendly"

In a world of extremely gnarly and underwhelming tools for podcasting, Transistor has stood out for its intuitiveness and functionality. It's incredibly user-friendly on the backend for all things hosting and administration, and the player itself is one of the most beautiful I've seen. Proud to be a long-time customer!

Avatar of Jay Crouse

Jay Crouse

"I signed up for a free trial one morning and had my first three episodes recorded and released by noon. Great experience!"

Avatar of Nick Horob

Nick Horob
Harvest Profit, Farm Software

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