Fixed! Spotify bug: most recent episodes don't show up

Transistor Team

2 min

Many podcasters are having trouble publishing episodes to Spotify this morning. There's a bug where Spotify isn't showing the most recent episodes from podcast feeds.

Update: this appears to be fixed! (as of 10:53 am Pacific, April 29, 2021, podcasters are now seeing their latest episodes on Spotify).

When we asked Spotify for a comment, they said:

There are currently some Spotify ingestion delays - the most recent update is that it should be fixed within the next couple of hours and episodes should begin to show up. We will circle back with you if we hear anything new!

This problem is affecting many podcasts, on all podcast hosting platforms:

  • Hey Arnold! Podcast: "Waiting patiently for this week's episode to show up on Spotify, which is taking a while for some reason."

  • Rodrigo James: "Hey Anchor, is there any problem in uploading to Spotify? I’ve posted two episodes this morning but they’re not on the platform. Apple and others ok."

  • Mathew Passy: Anyone else's podcast feed missing episodes on Spotify today? Did the rollout of new features for them cause an Apple-Podcasts-like issue too?"

Ironically, Apple Podcasts' latest update to Podcasts Connect has also caused numerous issues.