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Some podcasters who use SoundCloud have been experiencing problems. Most recently, podcasts hosted on SoundCloud have stopped working on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. If you're looking for more control over your podcast feed, plus better analytics, you might want to switch from SoundCloud to

★★★★★ Transistor is a good podcast hosting alternative

"Transistor lets you have multiple RSS feeds, whether public or private, for one price. For the majority of independent podcasters, this could be your podcasts' forever home."

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Get better podcast analytics

SoundCloud's podcast stats are basic, and only report the number of plays/downloads.

On Transistor, you'll get a full suite of analytics, charts, and exportable data.

Sample podcast analytics software

You can also see which podcast apps people use to listen to your show:

Podcast players chart

Get better customer support

Transistor is highly rated for its live customer support.

Responsive customer support ★★★★★

" has a great interface, all the features you need for a podcast, and responsive customer support." – Randy Burgess

★★★★★ Best podcast customer service

"Transistor is incredibly easy to use, is very reliable, and has the best customer service! After starting my free trial, I immediately fell in love with how easy to use their interface was. I also like that they integrate with Zapier."

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Host multiple podcasts from the same account

On SoundCloud, you can't host multiple shows from the same account. But on Transistor you can:

Don't limit your creativity! Transistor allows you to host unlimited shows on the same account, for one monthly price. (Making more shows is one of the best ways to increase the number of listeners you get each month).

Other reasons people switch from SoundCloud to Transistor:

Most people switch to Transistor from SoundCloud for one of the following reasons:

Looking for a SoundCloud alternative for podcasts?

You can migrate your podcast to Transistor with just one click.