An alternative to for podcast hosting

Transistor Team

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If you want more control over your podcast feed and better analytics, you might want to switch from to

  • Ben Kimim

    Transistor was exactly what I was looking for: a platform that can host multiple podcasts simultaneously. I’ve transferred my existing podcast from Buzzsprout and even set up new one this weekend; all in one go!

  • Dan Schoonmaker

    Transistor is incredibly easy to use, is very reliable, and has the best customer service! After starting my free trial, I immediately fell in love with how easy to use their interface was. I also like that they integrate with Zapier.

  • Abhijat Saraswat
    Fringe Legal

    I just launched my first podcast, and I have to say that Transistor made the publishing process easier than I ever imagined. Great work on a solid platform.

Get better podcast analytics

Transistor's analytics feature a global listener map, listener trends over time, and exportable CSVs.

How can I see a map of my podcast listeners?

Now, you can see where the majority of your podcast's listeners are based:

Table: what percentage of my podcast listeners live in the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia?

Looking for an alternative?

You can migrate to Transistor with just one click.