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An alternative to RSS.com for podcast hosting

If you're looking for more control over your podcast feed, plus better analytics, you might want to switch from RSS.com to Transistor.fm.

★★★★★ Transistor's UI is fast and intuitive

"Transistor lets you have multiple RSS feeds, whether public or private, for one price. For the majority of independent podcasters, this could be your podcasts' forever home."

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Lindsay Harris Friel
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Get better podcast analytics

Transistor's analytics feature a global listener map, listener trends over time, and exportable CSVs.


Now, you can see where the majority of your podcast's listeners are based:


Get a faster podcasting dashboard

The biggest complaint we hear from RSS.com users is how slow the app is. Some screens take 10-30 seconds to load:

Transistor's podcast dashboard loads 48x faster than RSS.com.

Looking for an RSS.com alternative?

You can migrate to Transistor with just one click.

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