Podcasts for bootstrappers and indie hackers

Transistor Team

4 min

Many bootstrappers are starting podcasts about launching, building, and growing their startups. Podcasting allows bootstrappers to reach a group of listeners who can encourage them in their journey, offer assistance, and potentially become customers.

From the beginning, Transistor has been bootstrapped and proud! Here's our list of some of our favorite bootstrapping podcasts.

Billion Dollar Creator

Hosts Rachel Rodgers and Nathan Barry believe you can be a Billion Dollar Creator. A show teaching creators how to capture attention and turn it into real wealth. They'll dive deep into brands, celebrities, and entrepreneurs who have done it before and show you how to apply it to your business as an everyday creator.

Visit their website: billiondollarcreator.com


"Developers building a software business on our own terms." This podcast is from the team at Honeybadger (an error monitoring tool). This podcast covers technical debt, hiring, productivity, and overcoming founder obstacles.

Visit their website: founderquestpodcast.com

Mostly Technical

Hosted by Ian Landsman and Aaron Francis, Mostly Technical is a lively discussion on Laravel, business, and an eclectic mix of related topics.

Visit their website here: mostlytechnical.com

Above Board

Imagine, as a bootstrapper, trying to challenge one of Google's biggest products. And imagine doing that with no invasive trackers or cookies. That's exactly what Paul Jarvis and Jack Ellis are doing with Fathom. Their podcast, Above Board, tells their story.

Visit their website: usefathom.com/podcast

The Bootstrapped Founder

Arvid Kahl (who founded and sold his bootstrapped startup with his partner Danielle Simpson) dispenses advice on starting, running, and selling a bootstrapped SaaS company without burning out. 

Visit his website: bootstrapped-founder.transistor.fm

Multithreaded Income

Kevin Griffin navigates the nuanced landscape of generating multiple income streams as a technologist.

Visit their website: podcast.multithreadedincome.com

Indie Bites

Short, bite-sized conversations (15 mins) with indie hackers who have started small, profitable, bootstrapped businesses.

Visit their website: indiebites.transistor.fm

Startup to Something

A weekly podcast by two indie hackers, Marc and Matt. They share the ups and downs of building their bootstrapped online businesses.

Visit their website: startuptosomething.com

Hackers Incorporated

Ben Orenstein and Adam Wathan on surviving the transition from developer to founder.

Visit their website here: hackersincorporated.com

Build your SaaS

This is the show we've been doing since the beginning of Transistor. We've shared our journey from idea to launch to now.

Our podcast website: saas.transistor.fm


A weekly podcast about building software businesses with Chris Achard and Christian Genco.

Visit their website: makers.dev

Startup to Last

Tyler King is the co-founder and CEO of Less Annoying CRM, a bootstrapped SaaS company that helps small businesses succeed, and Rick Lindquist is the founder of LegUp Ventures, which owns and operates software companies that empower underdogs.

Visit their website: startuptolast.com

Slow & Steady

Benedikt and Brian share what it's like to start a bootstrapped startup while "keeping the lights on with consulting." Benedikt is working on Userlist and Brian is working on Headlamp.

Visit their website: slowandsteadypodcast.com

Bootstrapped Web

One of the OG podcasts by bootstrappers (and one of Justin's favorites). Brian Casel and Jordan Gal share the raw and real behind-the-scenes of their entrepreneur journeys.

Visit their website: bootstrappedweb.com

Product Journey

The Product Journey documents the path of Noah and Ben as they build software products and try turning them into profitable businesses.

Visit their website: productjourney.fm

Searching for SaaS

A fresh perspective on the stages of building a SaaS business.

Visit their website: searchingforsaas.com

Indie Hackers

Courtland Allan gives some of the best interviews I've heard. "Raw conversations with the founders behind profitable online businesses."

Visit their website: indiehackers.com/podcast

Open Threads

Brian Casel (@casjam) hosts conversations with founder friends. We talk about startups, products, software, and entrepreneurship and what's happening in our lives away from our screens and revenue graphs.

Visit his website: openthreads.co

The Non-Tech Founders' Podcast

Fortnightly conversations about running a business as a non-technical founder. Join Laura and Nathan as they navigate the developer-dominated world of entrepreneurship, bootstrapping and beyond.

Visit their website: nontechfounders.transistor.fm

Startups for the Rest of Us

Mike Taber and Rob Walling are the original bootstrapped podcasters. Their show "helps developers, designers and entrepreneurs to be awesome at launching software products. Whether you’ve built your first product or are just thinking about it."