How to get more podcast reviews on iTunes and Apple Podcasts

Once your podcast has been submitted to Apple Podcasts, it’s really important that you get initial traction. The number of ratings, downloads, and subscribers you get will determine how you rank in iTunes. Here’s how to ask people to review your podcast.

How to get more Apple Podcast reviews in iTunes

5 ways to ask people to review your podcast:

There are five methods that work well for getting reviews:

  1. At the end of each episode, remind listeners to leave a 5-star review.
  2. Create an email list on your podcast’s website, and send a welcome email asking for reviews.
  3. Run a contest. Anyone who submits a review is automatically entered in a draw for podcast swag (t-shirts, stickers).
  4. Publish a short bonus episode called: “How to support the show.” Remind listeners that leaving a review is one way to support your podcast!
  5. Manually email your friends and family, personally asking them to leave you a review. (Email template below)

Email template for asking for podcast reviews

This is the template I use.

Hey George!

I just got word that my new podcast, [Podcast Name], got accepted into iTunes:

Here’s what makes [Podcast Name] unique: it’s a show about [topic] for [this type of person]. Every [day, week, month] I’ll be sharing [episodes like this].

But I need your help.

The first week in Apple Podcasts is crucial for a podcast’s launch. If the show gets enough subscribes + downloads + reviews during this time, it has a high chance of being featured. This help many more people hear about the show.

Could you leave a rating for the show? Heres the link.

(If you’re able to subscribe + download a few episodes that would really help too!)

Thanks in advance,
Justin Jackson

PS: [personal notes]

The key is to make it personal! Write to the people you know individually. It takes more time to do this work manually, but you’ll get a much higher response rate.

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