How to make an audiogram for your podcast (shareable video clip)

Creating animated video clips from your podcast audio is one of the best ways to promote your show on social media: Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram.

The best way to create audiograms for your podcast:

The best tool I've found for generating audiograms is Descript. Many podcasters are already recording and editing their show in Descript, which makes finding a good promo clip even easier. Here's a video of how it works:

Tools that create shareable audiogram video clips:

  • Descript (desktop) – if you're already recording and editing your podcast in Descript, you can easily select text and export awesome audiograms. I think this is the best way to create shareable clips for your podcast.

  • (desktop) – this web app allows you to upload a clip, and will create an animated waveform for your audio.

  • (web) – creates the nicest looking audiogram clips we've seen.

  • Wavve (desktop, iOS, Android) – "turn audio clips from your podcast into shareable video highlights for social media and encourage new listeners to download your show."

  • Audiogram (desktop) – generates captions automatically, and applies them to really nice templates.

  • Overcast (iOS) – this podcast player allows you to select and export clips from your podcast.

  • Castro (iOS) – another podcast app for iPhone that lets you share clips.

  • Bullet (iOS) – "create & share captioned video segments of podcasts from any podcast app."

  • Podcast Video Maker (iOS) – share short podcast video clips.

  • FusionCast (MacOS) – create videos from your podcast episodes.

Unfortunately, if you're on Android, your only option right now is to use Headliner on your desktop.

Here's a sample we created in Headliner:

These little podcast preview clips are especially helpful on Facebook (Facebook and LinkedIn don't have an embedded audio API; Twitter does).