Welcome to the team Josh!

Justin Jackson

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Joshua Anderton, marketing team at Transistor podcast hosting

Joshua Anderton has joined Transistor's Marketing team!

He'll be helping Justin build the marketing site, run marketing campaigns, and build new themes for podcast websites. He will also assist with projects on the main Transistor application. He's a multi-talented web developer, and we're happy to have him on board! 🥳

Since the beginning of Transistor, nearly all marketing responsibilities fell on co-founder Justin Jackson's shoulders.

We hired part-time contractors to help us with different marketing tasks in the past, but the time felt right to hire someone to work with Justin full-time.

Josh and Justin have previously worked on projects and met through an online community. We hired Josh as a part-time contractor in October 2022 to help refresh our marketing site. After months of working side-by-side, it was clear that Josh gave our team superpowers. He's a skilled web developer, designer, and creative thinker.

Today, we are excited to announce that Josh will work with Transistor full-time. 🎉

He'll soon be adding new sections to our marketing site. We plan to treat it like a web application and ship new sections like a product team ships new features.

This year, we're planning on building:

Welcome aboard, Josh! We’re so glad to have you on the team.

Jon, Justin, Helen, and Jason