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Podcast equipment guide

Podcast gear for beginners

For beginners, we recommend that you pick up a USB microphone, a pop filter, headphones. You'll also need a computer (Windows or Mac).

Starter podcast kit – $75
Samson Q2U

Microphone - $60
Samson Q2U – dynamic USB microphone. Amazon | Walmart

Pop filter

Pop filter – $10-$15
Neewer – windscreen for your microphone. Amazon | Walmart

Editing software

Audio editing – free
SoftwareGarageBand (Mac or iPad) | Audacity (PC)

Podcast gear for professionals

More advanced users may want to buy an XLR microphone, audio interface, mixer, and a microphone stand.

Professional podcast kit – $1,100
SM7B microphone

Microphone - $400
Shure SM7B – XLR cardioid dynamic microphone. Amazon | B&H

Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator

Mic activator – $150
Cloudlifter – boost the output of your microphone. Amazon | B&H

PreSonus Studio

Audio interface – $160
PreSonus Studio – plug your mic into your PC. Amazon | B&H

Mic boom arm

Microphone boom arm – $100
Blue Compass – mount your mic to your desk. Amazon | B&H

Professional editing software

Audio editing – $280
SoftwareLogic Pro (Mac) | Adobe Audition (PC)

How to publish your podcast audio

Once you've created your audio, it's time to upload it to a hosting provider and generate your podcast feed. Every podcast needs:

  • A webserver to host MP3 files,

  • A way to create new episodes, and add show notes,

  • A way to publish new episodes, and update the podcast's RSS feed,

  • And a way to generate a valid RSS feed.

This is where a podcast hosting company comes in.

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