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February 7th, 2019

Version 1 of private podcasts

<h2>🔐&nbsp;Tutorial: how to create a private podcast feed</h2><p>Can podcasts be private? Yes! We just released v1 of our private podcast feature.</p><h2>🔊&nbsp;New shows on Transistor!</h2><p>We have so many amazing podcasts moving to Transistor these days. Here's a selection:</p><h3>The Entrepreneurial Coder Podcast</h3><h3>The Laravel Snippet podcast with Taylor Otwell</h3><h3>Beaver Buzz Podcast with Bob Lundeberg</h3><h3>The Justice Files by Marcos Ortiz</h3><p>ABC4's Senior Crime and Punishment Correspondent Marcos Ortiz takes you inside the investigation with The Justice Files.</p>