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June 29th, 2022

Spotify passthrough

Previously, Spotify would take a copy of any audio you uploaded to Transistor and put it on their server. This meant that when a listener played your episode on Spotify, it streamed from their server.

This had one advantage: because these streams weren't coming from Transistor, we didn't count them towards your monthly download limits.

But, this system had multiple disadvantages: Spotify delayed the stats they sent us by 24 hours, which meant you had to wait to see daily Spotify stats in Transistor. Other disadvantages included:

  • Whenever you updated an audio file on Transistor, it would take a while for Spotify to pick it up.

  • You couldn't see geographic data from Spotify listeners in your Transistor analytics.

  • Our new Dynamic Audio feature didn't work great with Spotify, because they were hosting the audio file.

The new system: Spotify passthrough

We're now able to offer passthrough to our customers: moving forward, all Spotify streams will use your audio hosted on Transistor (the audio will no longer be hosted on Spotify).

This means your listeners on Spotify will always get the latest version of your audio file (whether you've updated it, or are using Dynamic Ads).

Also, Spotify stats will now be up-to-date in your Transistor analytics dashboard. You'll also see Spotify listeners in your geographic analytics!

As a result of this change, all Spotify streams will now be included in your monthly download limits.

However, in anticipation of this, we've increased the Starter and Professional plans' monthly download limits by 33% and the Business plan by 25%:

  • Starter: 20,000 (up from 15,000)

  • Professional: 100,000 (up from 75,000)

  • Business: 250,000 (up from 200,000)