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October 27th, 2020

Protect your podcast from being copied

Transistor.fm is releasing two new features to protect your podcast feed from being imported by someone else:

  • Email verification: any podcast imported into Transistor will now need to be verified via email.

  • Podcast locking: you can now enable <podcast:locked> on your feed, which disables your podcast from being imported to another provider. (Transistor will also not import podcasts that have been locked)

You can turn the podcast lock feature on or off in your show settings.

Note: <podcast:locked> is now considered a best practice for podcast feeds. However, not all companies have implemented it. Your podcast will only be blocked by hosting companies that support the standard.

The <podcast:locked> element is a part of the Podcast Index's new open-source namespace. We're big supporters of this project and plan on implementing future additions as well.