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September 30th, 2022

New: People Profiles for your podcast

Now in Transistor, you can set up a profile for every person who works on your podcast. These profiles show up on your podcast website:

People profiles for your podcast hosts, guests, editors on your website

Here's a video demo of how it works:

You can add podcast credits for hosts, guests, editors, producers, and anybody who regularly contributes to your show.

Define podcast credits for guests, hosts, editors, writers, designers, composers, producers

Each person gets a profile with their relative social links, bio, and photo. On your podcast website, you can click through on each person and see all the episodes that they were on or that they helped with.

Display guest profiles on your website, including every episode they were on

Podcast Index Person Tags

These People Profiles also support the new Podcast Index namespace, and get inserted in your RSS feed as <podcast:person> tags.

This means that listening apps, podcast directories, and developers can display these People Profiles in their projects:

The Fountain podcast listening app displays People profiles for hosts, guests, editors