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April 24th, 2018

New episode features

We just deployed the following:

  • Better file uploader! ⬆️

  • Direct MP3 download URL! ⬇️

  • Beautiful embedded player for your website! 🖥

  • Share shows on Twitter (with embedded player)! 🔊

  • Landing page links (even if you don't use our built-in website)! 📄

If you're a Transistor user, you'll find these in your "Episodes" menu:


Here's a preview of what the share link looks like on Twitter:


New shows on Transistor!

We've welcomed dozens of new customers in the fast few months. Here are a few of their shows:

  • Quest Quest – a Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast.

  • Way Too Seriously – Jan and Paul watch kids' movies and take them way too seriously.

  • Daily(ish) – Chris Enns' daily podcast.

  • Thriving Ministry Teams – all things related to church leadership, discipleship, and training.

  • This Old App – learning, coding, and smashing stuff together.

  • Weaver Radio – a weekly podcast about web design and RapidWeaver.

  • Bootstrapped Digest – a transparent account of bootstrapping an insurance business as a solo founder.

  • Glassbox podcast – helping nomads to understand, cope with and improve their mental health.