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November 28th, 2022

Remove your email address from your podcast's RSS feed

In the past, Apple Podcasts (and other platforms) required an email address to be present in your podcast's RSS feed.

Unfortunately, because podcast feeds are public, spammers can scrape these email addresses and use them to send unwanted emails (like pitches for guests to appear on your show).

Stop spamming podcast RSS feeds by scraping the email address

No more spam to your podcast's email address

Now Transistor allows you to hide your email address in your RSS feed and only show it when you need to verify ownership of your podcast.

As a default, we've removed your email address from your RSS feed. This should reduce the amount of spam you get!

If you ever need to display your email address in your podcast feed for verification purposes, simply go to "Settings" and click "Display this email in your RSS feed."

Remove your email address from your RSS feed so you don't get spam

Verify your podcast without an email address

Transistor also supports the new Verification Code field. Now, Apple Podcasts (or other platforms) can have you verify ownership of your podcast by entering a temporary verification code on the Advanced Settings page.

Apple Podcasts verification code field