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August 3rd, 2023

Compare podcast episode downloads

Compare daily download numbers for every podcast episode you've published in Transistor's new Episode Comparison table. This is available now in your Analytics tab!

This table will give you insights into how different episodes perform after they've been published to your feed. For example, by comparing daily download numbers, we can see that this episode had a new surge of downloads on days 6-8.

Get insights by comparing daily download numbers for each episode

From this data, we could infer that people listened to and later shared the episode. Trends like this indicate the kinds of episodes people like and want to spread via word of mouth.

You can also export this table as a CSV file and open it in Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple Numbers. This allows you to do more analysis and create custom charts.

Podcast episode comparison CSV in Excel

Special thanks

We want to thank our friends over at the Acquired podcast for being the inspiration for this feature and for giving us tons of feedback during development. 🙌 (Check out their latest episode on the history of Nike, it's fantastic).

The Episode Comparison grid is available now for all Transistor customers!