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May 8th, 2018

Deployed v1 of podcast analytics

Jon just deployed our most requested feature: detailed podcast analytics.


This is just the beginning for analytics. We'll continue to iterate on these features moving forward.

What do you want to see next in Transistor's analytics?

  • A list of total downloads for each episode. This would allow you to sort by "most popular."

  • Stats on what apps people are using to listen (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, etc..)

  • Our best guess at how many subscribers you have.

New podcasts on Transistor:

We love seeing the variety of podcasts hosted on Transistor. Here are some recently added shows:

  • Call Theory podcast – focused on the call center industry.

  • The Gently Mad – Adam Clark switched his popular podcast over to us!

  • Edgard – a wildly creative audio adventure.

  • MoneyLab – brutally honest advice on running an online business.

  • Kameo – a podcast about the tech community in Kamloops, BC.

  • Ask Rezzz – Jason answers your freelance business questions.

Google is now indexing podcasts

"Google has a new podcasting strategy that completely reimagines how people find and listen to shows."

This series by Pacific Content is fascinating.

Here's a summary of the news:

  1. Podcasts will now appear in Google Search results. You'll see podcast episodes appear along with other results: text, image, and video.

  2. Google Assistant just added support for podcasts. When searching for a show on Android, you'll be able to play it without needing a podcast app.

  3. Google has lots of plans for speech and language recognition, that will also help podcasters.