Podcasts by broadcasters: radio, television, film

Transistor Team

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Back in 2017, The Atlantic proclaimed that "Podcasting Is the New Talk-Radio." For experienced broadcasters, podcasting provides an exciting new opportunity: they can take their experience producing traditional media, and bring it to this new medium.

Here's how broadcasting professionals and companies are using podcasting in different ways.

Highlighting women in film and television

WIFT-A advocates for women who work in Alberta's media industry. Their new podcast, Storylines, showcases "some of the most successful women in film and television."

The benefit of a show like this is it makes information easily accessible to folks looking to get into broadcast media. If someone is curious about film and television but doesn't have anyone to talk to, a podcast like this provides a personable way to understand the industry better.

What can other broadcasters learn from Storylines?

  • Create a trailer – the sooner you have a trailer, the easier it is to start building anticipation for your podcast. An RSS feed with a trailer published in it can also be submitted to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

  • Broadcast quality – broadcasters know how to produce compelling, high-quality, audio. Use those skills to stand out from the crowd!

  • Niche appeal + broad appeal – "Our listeners are both people who want to get a start in the industry," says host Sheena Rossiter, "but also for people who just like film and TV and want to hear about what went on behind the scenes."